Recent incidents of racial abuse in the game are forcing us to address the much wider societal issue: systemic racism.

By Tarini Srivastava

Marcus Rashford taking a knee in support of the Black Lives Matters movement. Photo: Sky News

The UEFA European Football Championship finals between England and Italy were held recently, 11 July 2021. Both teams fought to the bitter end, with Italy winning 3–2 in penalties. However, the end turned out to be much too bitter. Instead of England’s early goal, Italy’s comeback, controversial referee calls, or unconventional substitutions, the highlight of the match was the mayhem that ensued afterwards.

Being the first major sporting event held after the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the hype surrounding the finals was considerable. Furthermore, it was the first time England made it to the finals in 55…

Armed forces across the world have been making use of child soldiers in what the UNICEF calls a violation of children’s human rights.

By Anunita Jena

Photo: Pass Blue

A massacre in the town of Solhan, in north-eastern Burkina Faso, murdered more than 130 people on the evenings of June 4 and 5. The disturbing fact of an already-gruesome tale is that the crimes were largely carried out by children aged 12–14, according to government officials.

Armed gunmen stormed the village, shot inhabitants and set fire to their homes. It’s being called the deadliest strike in years, a heavy label in a region besieged by extremists linked to the Islamic State and al Qaeda. …

China’s overreaching behaviour has forced Hong Kongers to take their pro-democracy movement to the streets.

By Tarini Srivastava

Photo: Getty Images (via Vox)

During the First Opium War in 1839, China ceded Hong Kong to the British. Under the Second Convention of Peking in 1898, China extended Britain’s “lease” on the island by 99 years. Therefore, Hong Kong remained under colonial occupation from 1841 until 1997. After 150 years of British occupation, Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. In the Sino-British Joint Declaration which outlined the return, China’s Premier Zhao Ziyang agreed that Hong Kong’s legal and judicial systems would remain unchanged and it would retain a high degree of autonomy for another 50 years. …

Could the proposed Three Million African Genomes project bring us closer to the goal of accurate genetic risk prediction for everyone?

By Divyansh Kumar

Volunteer in rural Uganda providing blood samples and health information for the biggest genomics effort in Africa. Photo: Georgina Murphy | Science Mag | The Uganda Genome Resource

While racism is systemically pervasive, one of the most depressing aspects of it is its superficiality. It is literally a case of black and white in the majority of the world. However, as has been proven scientifically time and time again, the colour of a person’s skin has little biological significance. It is simply a matter of striking a balance between protecting the dermis’ lower layers from carcinogenic (cancer-causing) ultraviolet light (which favours dark skin) and promoting UV light’s beneficial role in vitamin D synthesis (which favours light skin). …

Did Biden and Putin seriously bury the hatchet in Geneva Summit, 2021 or is there a catch?

By Anunita Jena

US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the US-Russia summit in Geneva on June 16, 2021. Photo: Patrick Semansky | AP

US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin wrapped off their Geneva summit on 16 June, 2021.

The summit, which was expected to last up to five hours, ended within three hours and established a realistic tone for cooperation between the two rival countries. In a post-summit press conference, Putin stated that they had decided to restore their ambassadors to their posts in an effort to de-escalate tensions.

As the two leaders briefly addressed the media prior to the meeting’s start, Biden described it as a discussion between “two great powers” and stated that it was…

In a recent summit, NATO has taken a strong stance against China’s emerging global presence.

By Tarini Srivastava

Chinese soldiers during a training exercise in Xinjiang in January. Photo: Agence France-Presse

NATO: The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, or NATO, consists of 30 member countries across Europe and North America. As a treaty of collective defense, an attack against one member is seen as an attack against all.

The latest NATO communique, which was released after the Brussels summit on June 14, heavily featured China as a topic of concern. The statement issued warnings against China’s growing influence, describing its power and policies as presenting “systemic challenges” that need to be addressed “together as an alliance.” In particular, it highlighted China’s use of disinformation, lack of transparency, and rapidly…

Post February 1 coup that brought back full military rule following years of quasi-democracy, Myanmar has further been a victim of a deadly crackdown by the military.

By Divyansh Kumar

Source: Getty Images (via BBC News)

Two issues have gained increased importance in Myanmar in the days following General Min Aung Hlaing’s coup. The first is the degree to which the public has expressed opposition to the restoration of bare military control. Thousands of Burmese took to the streets in protest of the coup. Numerous civil servants, teachers, bus drivers, and bank tellers, among others, will be snubbing work. Social media users with a sense of humour are highlighting the army’s violations. Students fought against military authority even in 1988, and popular opposition appears to be even stronger this time around.

Similar protests…

Beijing’s new plan outlines policy decisions and shapes the growth trajectory for the next five years.

By Tarini Srivastava

Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Alamy

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) adopted its first five-year plan in 1953. Based on the Soviet model of economic development, the plan focused on increasing China’s industrial capacity. Since its initiation, China has followed this system of economic planning, using it to continually reassess the priority areas of growth and development.

The implementation of five-year plans has not always been a success. For example, the second five-year plan, known as the Great Leap Forward, was meant to collectivize agriculture and rapidly accelerate industrialization. …

Understanding Canada’s residential school system and its hypocrisy in recognizing its own cultural genocide against Indigenous peoples.

Stuffed animals were placed in front of the former Kamloops Residential School Monday in a community vigil that encouraged attendees to wear orange, a Canadian tradition that aims to raise awareness for the atrocities of residential schools. Source: Getty Images via Inside Edition

By Anunita Jena

A gravesite with the bones of 215 unidentified children was discovered in Canada this week, on the grounds of Kamloops Indian Residential School, which was once one of the country’s largest residential schools.

The announcement provided an early glimpse at the Tk’emlps te Secwépemc First Nation’s continuing investigation into the killings of residential school students in western Canada.

On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his sadness over the situation, saying that excavating more sites is “is an important part of discovering the truth.”

According to a six-year inquiry of Canada’s now-defunct residential school system, the practice…

G7 finance ministers agreed on a tax deal that establishes a global minimum corporate tax set at 15% to curb tax avoidance by Big Tech.

By Divyansh Kumar

Source: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/Pool via REUTERS

The G7 has unveiled a plan to levy a minimum tax on multinational firms and revise the rules dictating how countries tax them, but policymakers worldwide will have to make some difficult choices before anything changes.

The emphasis is on two significant changes: reallocating tax power to nations with economic activity, rather than to nations where corporations choose to register profits; and implementing a global minimum tax rate. Finance ministers from the G7 met on June 4 and 5, giving the re-energized negotiating process a significant boost by endorsing a minimum rate of “at least 15%” and…


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